Recent Submissions

  • Roman law and the origins of the civil law tradition 

    Mousourakis, George (Springer, 2015)
    This unique publication offers a complete history of Roman law, from its early beginnings through to its resurgence in Europe where it was widely applied until the eighteenth century. Besides a detailed overview of the ...
  • Electronic commerce and international private law : a study of electronic consumer contracts 

    Gillies, Lorna E. (Ashgate Publishing Company, 2008)
    This book examines the maximization of consumer protection via the consumer's jurisdiction and law. It discusses the proposition that a new connecting factor be used to improve the efficiency of juridical protection for ...
  • American government : institutions and policies 

    Wilson, James Q.; DiIulio, John J.; Bose, Meena; Levendusky, Matthew (Cengage Learning, 2018)
    This popular brief text for the one-semester or one-quarter American Government course maintains the framework of the Wilson, DiIulio, Bose, and Levendusky comprehensive text, emphasizing the historical development of the ...
  • International business law and its environment 

    Schaffer, Richard; Agusti, Filiberto; Dhooge, Lucien J. (Cengage Learning, 2015)
    This book is designed to deliver comprehensive, yet accessible, coverage of the legal implications and ramifications of doing business internationally, along with the related cultural, political, economic, and ethical ...
  • Corporate finance law : principles and policy 

    Gullifer, Louise; Payne, Jennifer (Hart Publishing, 2020)
    The third edition of this acclaimed book continues to provide a discussion of key theoretical and policy issues in corporate finance law. It has been fully updated to reflect developments in the law and the markets. One ...

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