Recent Submissions

  • Principles of supply chain management 

    Crandall, Richard E.; Crandall, William R.; Chen, Charlie C. (CRC Press, 2015)
    This book presents a balanced overview of the principles of supply chain management. Going beyond the usual supply chain text, Principles of Supply Chain Management not only details the individual components of the supply ...
  • Maritime logistics : a guide to contemporary shipping and port management 

    Song, Dong-Wook; Panayides, Photis M. (Kogan Page Limited, 2015)
    This book covers the whole scope of maritime logistics and examines latest logistical developments within the port and shipping industry. With a range of new international contributors, this new edition has been thoroughly ...
  • Lean transportation management : using logistics as a strategic differentiator 

    Achahchah, Mohamed (Routledge, 2019)
    This book provides an overview of the key transportation management processes from a shipper’s perspective. It enables managers to gain quick insight in the added value of transportation as a strategic differentiator, its ...
  • Procurement principles and management 

    Baily, Peter J. H.; Farmer, David; Crocker, Barry; Jessop, David; Jones, David (Pearson, 2015)
    This new edition will provide the reader with a reflection of mainstream practice alongside insight into developing ideas and approaches. This book has been updated to cover the continuous change and development in the ...
  • Logistics and supply chain management : creating value-adding networks 

    Christopher, Martin (Pearson, 2005)
    In this book, Martin Christopher discusses the role of logistics in achieving these goals. He outines the role of logistics in using service levels to segment markets, exploring approriate measures to assess logistics ...

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