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  • EU food law : protecting consumers and health in a common market 

    MacMaoláin, Caoimhín (Hart, 2007)
    This is the first comprehensive analysis of the European Union law of food regulation. It details the way in which EU law impacts upon the production and sale of food throughout the Union. It examines the legal protection ...
  • Ricelands : the world of South-East Asian food 

    Freeman, Michael (Reaktion Books Ltd, 2008)
    Ricelands takes the reader on a colorful and engaging tour of these popular tourist destinations through the richly layered cultures surrounding the various food traditions. Traveling across the landscapes of Thailand, ...
  • Quality assurance for the food industry : a practical approach 

    Vasconcellos, J. Andres (CRC Press, 2004)
    This book provides in-depth coverage of all aspects of quality assurance. It identifies the basic concepts and principles behind Total Quality Management and presents examples of Quality Assurance programs that can be ...
  • Food preservation techniques 

    Zeuthen, Peter (edit); Bogh-Sorensen, Leif (edit) (CRC Press, 2003)
    Extending the shelf-life of foods whilst maintaining safety and quality is a critical issue for the food industry. As a result there have been major developments in food preservation techniques, which are summarised in ...
  • Food authenticity and traceability 

    Lees, Michèle (edit) (CRC Press, 2003)
    Part one deals with analytical techniques applied to food authentication. There are chapters on both established and developing technologies, as well as discussions of chemometrics and data handling. Part two relates these ...

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