Recent Submissions

  • Essays on local determinants of economic growth 

    Petkov, Ivan ([Boston College], 2016)
    The fundamental concept unifying this thesis is that outcomes at small geographical units can shed light on key economic questions of interest for both macroeconomics and finance. Some of the questions I explore in my work ...
  • Essays on two contemporary topics through an intergenerational lens : smart technologies and economic sanctions 

    Lagarda Cuevas, Guillermo ([Boston University], 2017)
    This thesis centers its scope on the macroeconomic implications of two contemporary issues affecting welfare: the arrival of smart technologies and global control policies as sanctions. The key element that integrates these ...
  • Essays on development economics and industrial organization 

    Young, Nathaniel ([Boston University], 2015)
    This dissertation studies two disparate topics in development economics and industrial organization respectively: (a) the role of financial intermediation in promoting economic growth in developing countries and (b) the ...
  • Essays on international economics and policy 

    Rebessi, Filippo ([University of Minnesota], 2016)
    My dissertation consists of two chapters, which are both centered on the analysis of international economic policy. In the first chapter, ``Relocation Cost, Time Inconsistency, and the Temptation of Protection", I show ...
  • Education and country growth models 

    Gustafsson, Martin Anders ([Stellenbosch University], 2014)
    The over-arching concern of the three parts of the dissertation is how economics can and should influence education policymaking, the emphasis on the economics side being models of country development and the contribution ...

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