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    • Language, thought, and reality : selected writings of Benjamin Lee Whorf 

      Carroll, John B. (editor); Chase, Stuart (Foreword ) (The MIT Press, 1956)
    • Aspect : an introduction to the study of verbal aspect and related problems 

      Comrie, Bernard (Cambridge University Press, 1976)
      An introduction to the general linguistic study of aspect. Topics covered include the relation of tense and aspect, the morphology and the semantics of aspect, and structuralist and philosophical approaches. Dr Comrie draws ...
    • Teaching English as a foreign language 

      Broughton, Geoffrey; Brumfit, Christopher; Flavell, Roger (Routledge, 1980)
      For the many categories of EFL teachers throughout the world, this book examines the main principles which concern them. By drawing upon their experience the authors provide a hands-on approach.
    • Discourse strategies 

      Gumperz, John J. (Cambridge University Press, 1982)
      To understand the role of language in public life and the social process in general, we need first a closer understanding of how linguistic knowledge and social factors interact in discourse interpretation. This volume is ...
    • An introduction to discourse analysis 

      Coulthard, Margaret (Routledge, 1985)
      The central concern of this book is the analysis of verbal interaction or discourse. This first six chapters report and evaluate major theoretical advances in the description of discourse. The final chapters demonstrate ...
    • Language change and variation 

      Fasold, Ralph W.; Schiffrin, Deborah (John Benjamins Publishing Company, 1989)
      The study of language variation in social context continues to hold the attention of a large number of linguists. This research is promoted by the annual colloquia on New Ways of Analyzing Variation in English' (NWAVE). ...
    • Reference and computation : an essay in applied philosophy of language 

      Kronfeld, Amichai; Searle, John (Cambridge University Press, 1990)
      This book deals with a major problem in the study of language: the problem of reference. The ease with which we refer to things in conversation is deceptive. Upon closer scrutiny, it turns out that we hardly ever tell each ...
    • Discourse analysis for language teachers 

      McCarthy, Michael (Cambridge University Press, 1991)
      This book gives a practical introduction to the field of discourse analysis and its relevance for language teaching. It begins by answering the question 'What is discourse analysis?' and examines how discourse analysts ...
    • Teaching translation and interpreting : training talent and experience 

      Dollerup, Cay (editor); Loddegaard, Anne (editor) (John Benjamins Publishing Company, 1992)
      Selected papers from a lively conference on the state of the art in translator and interpreter training. Topics range from culture specific problems (in Iran, South Africa and Canada, for instance) to the internationalization ...
    • Language test construction and evaluation 

      Alderson, J. Charles; Clapham, Caroline; Wall, Dianne (Cambridge University Press, 1995)
      This book describes the process of language test construction clearly and comprehensively. Each chapter deals with one stage of the test construction process; from drafting initial test specifications, to reporting test ...
    • Parameters and functional heads : essays in comparative syntax 

      Belletti, Adriana (editor); Rizzi, Luigi (editor) (Oxford University Press, 1996)
      The essays collected in this volume, most previously unpublished, address a number of closely interconnected issues raised by the comparative syntax of functional heads within the Principles-and-Parameters approach. The ...
    • Sociolinguistics and language teaching 

      McKay, Sandra Lee; Hornberger, Nancy H. (Cambridge University Press, 1996)
      This text provides an introduction to the field of sociolinguistics for second and foreign language teachers. This book provides an introduction to the field of sociolinguistics for second and foreign language teachers. ...
    • Testing in language programs 

      Brown, James Dean (Prentice Hall Regents, 1996)
    • Skills and strategies : towards a new methodology for listening 

      Field, John (1998)
      This article calls for a rethinking of the purposes of the listening lesson, and examines ways in which we can teach the skill rather than simply practise it. The approaches proposed are based on micro-listening exercises ...
    • The cultural studies reader 

      During, Simon (editor) (Routledge, 1999)
      The first edition of this book established itself as the leader in the field, providing the ideal introduction to this exciting and influential discipline. This expanded second edition offers a wider selection of essays ...
    • An introduction to discourse analysis : theory and method 

      Gee, James Paul (Routledge, 1999)
      An integrated approach to discourse analysis: the analysis of spoken and written language as it is used to enact social and cultural perspectives and identities. Assuming no prior knowledge of linguisticsJ̧ames Paul Gee ...
    • Tales and translation : the Grimm tales from pan-Germanic narratives to shared international fairytales 

      Dollerup, Cay (John Benjamins Publishing Company, 1999)
      Dealing with the most translated work of German literature, the Tales of the brothers Grimm (1812-1815), this book discusses their history, notably in relation to Denmark and subsequently other nations from 1816 to 1986. ...
    • A course in language teaching : trainee book 

      Ur, Penny (Cambridge University Press, 1999)
      This important new course provides a comprehensive basic introduction to teaching languages, for use in pre-service or early experience settings. It can be used by groups of teachers working with a trainer, or as a self-study ...
    • Translation in systems : descriptive and system-oriented approaches explained 

      Hermans, Theo (St. Jerome Publishing, 1999)
      The notion of systems has helped revolutionize translation studies since the 1970s. As a key part of many descriptive approaches, it has broken with the prescriptive focus on what translation should be, encouraging researchers ...
    • The grammar book : an ESL/EFL teacher's course 

      Celce-Murcia, Marianne; Larsen-Freeman, Diane; Williams, Howard Alan (Heinle & Heinle, 1999)
      This book helps teachers and future teachers grasp the linguistic system and details of English grammar, providing more information on how structures are used at the discourse level.