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    • Asian cultures and contemporary tourism 

      Yang, Elaine Chiao Ling (editor); Khoo-Lattimore, Catheryn (editor) (Springer, 2018)
      This book focuses on cultures that shape contemporary Asian tourist experiences. The book consists of 10 chapters, which are organised into two themes: Collectivist Culture and Wellbeing. The chapters cover emerging forms ...
    • Psychology and religion 

      Jung, Carl Gustav (Yale University Press, 1966)
      In this book, Dr. Jung, who has been the author of some of the most provocative hypotheses in modern psychology, describes what he regards as an authentic religious function in the unconscious mind. Using a wealth of ...
    • Psychology and religion : West and East 

      Jung, C. G. (Princeton University Press, 1973)
      Sixteen studies in religious phenomena, including Psychology and Religion and Answer to Job.
    • Psychology of religion 

      Johnson, Paul E. ([Abingdon-Cokesbury Press], [1959])
    • Psychology, religion, and spirituality 

      Nelson, James M. (Springer, 2009)
      This book provides an introduction to the important conversations that have developed out of these interchanges. The dialogue between psychology and religion is difficult to study for a number of reasons. First, it requires ...
    • Religion and economy 

      McCleary, Rachel M.; Barro, Robert J. (2006)
    • Religious tourism studies: evolution, progress, and future prospects 

      Kim, Bona; Kim, Seongseop (Sam); King, Brian (2020)
      This review study examines evolving themes in the scholarly literature on religious tourism and identifies research gaps that provide a basis for future investigations. The researchers evaluate a total of 84 studies of ...
    • Spiritual foundations and Chinese culture : a philosophical approach 

      Carroll, Anthony J. (editor); Lenehan, Katia (editor) (The Council for Research in Values and Philosophy, 2016)
      The various articles in this volume emerge out of an international conference held at the Fujen Catholic University in Taipei, Taiwan on 13-14 December 2013. Whilst the themes treated by these articles are quite diverse ...
    • The emerging meanings of religiousness and spirituality : problems and prospects 

      Zinnbauer, Brian J.; Pargament, Kenneth I.; Scott, Allie B. (Blackwell Publishers, 1999)
      This article examines traditional and modern psychological characterizations of religiousness and spirituality. Three ways in which religiousness and spirituality are polarized by contemporary theorists are examined: ...
    • The future of an illusion 

      Freud, Sigmund (Penguin Books, 2008)
      This investigation of religion by greatest psychoanalyst of the twentieth-century explores the role faith can take in the life of man, what it can mean to us and why as a species we are inclined towards it. Throughout ...
    • The future of an illusion 

      Freud, Sigmund (W . W . Norton & Company, 1961)
      Of the various English translations of Freud's major works to appear in his lifetime, only one was authorized by Freud himself: The Standard Edition of the Complete Psychological Works of Sigmund Freud under the general ...
    • The meaning of religion : lectures in the phenomenology of religion 

      Kristensen, W. Brede (Springer Science+Business Media, 1960)
    • The psychology of religion : an empirical approach 

      Hood, Ralph W.; Hill, Peter C.; Spilka, Bernard (The Guilford Press, 2018)
      The book addresses the quest for meaning; links between religion and biology; religious thought, belief, and behavior across the lifespan; experiential dimensions of religion and spirituality; the social psychology of ...
    • The varieties of religious experience : a study in human nature 

      James, William (Routledge, 2002)
      This book brings together twenty lectures on the nature of religion, delivered at the University of Edinburgh between 1901 and 1902. Renowned at the time for their practical and even-handed approach to the human experience ...