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    • An introduction to discourse analysis 

      Coulthard, Margaret (Routledge, 1985)
      The central concern of this book is the analysis of verbal interaction or discourse. This first six chapters report and evaluate major theoretical advances in the description of discourse. The final chapters demonstrate ...
    • English for specific purposes : a learning-centred approach 

      Hutchinson, Tom; Waters, Alan (Cambridge University Press, 1987)
      This book offers the teacher a new perspective on this important field. The main concern is effective learning and how this can best be achieved in ESP courses. The authors discuss the evolution of ESP and its position ...
    • A reference grammar of Japanese 

      Martin, Samuel Elmo (Charles E. Tuttle Company, 1987)
      Have you ever wondered about a Japanese sentence your textbook fails to explain? Do you feel unsure about the use of «wa,» «ga,» and «mo?» Or what the rules and meanings of words in their literary forms are? If so, you ...
    • A textbook of translation 

      Newmark, Peter (Longman, 1988)
      Part one consists of a comprehensive discussion of most subjects and problems that arise in translating: the process of translating, text analysis, translation methods, text as a translation unit, translation procedures, ...
    • Writing English language tests 

      Heaton, J. B. (Longman, 1988)
      This book is for all teachers who write tests of English, from the classroom teachers writing for a particular class to the test constructor writing for an examination board. It gives detailed guidance on how to write, ...
    • English grammar : an outline 

      Huddleston, Rodney (Cambridge University Press, 1988)
      Rodney Huddleston's earlier work,An Introduction to the Grammar of English, was praised by reviewers for its clarity, and that is a particular strength of this new textbook as well. The book draws on descriptive and ...
    • Principles of environmental science and technology 

      Jørgensen, Sven Erik; Johnsen, I. (Elsevier, 1989)
      In the second edition, the section on ecotoxicology and effects on pollutants has been expanded considerably, as has Chapter 4 on ecological principles and concepts. Further improvement has been made by the addition of a ...
    • Language change and variation 

      Fasold, Ralph W.; Schiffrin, Deborah (John Benjamins Publishing Company, 1989)
      The study of language variation in social context continues to hold the attention of a large number of linguists. This research is promoted by the annual colloquia on New Ways of Analyzing Variation in English' (NWAVE). ...
    • Testing for language teachers 

      Hughes, Arthur (Cambridge University Press, 1989)
    • Contrasting languages : the scope of contrastive linguistics 

      Krzeszowski, Tomasz P. (Mouton de Gruyter, 1990)
    • Reference and computation : an essay in applied philosophy of language 

      Kronfeld, Amichai; Searle, John (Cambridge University Press, 1990)
      This book deals with a major problem in the study of language: the problem of reference. The ease with which we refer to things in conversation is deceptive. Upon closer scrutiny, it turns out that we hardly ever tell each ...
    • Literature in projects 

      Eijk, A. J. M. van (Wolters-Noordhoff-Longman Groningen, 1990)
    • Discourse and the translator 

      Hatim, B.; Mason, I. (Longman, 1990)
      Discourse and the Translator both incorporates and moves beyond previous studies of translation. Its logical and informative approach to the problems of translation ensures that it will be essential for all those who work ...
    • Fundamental considerations in language testing 

      Bachman, Lyle F.; Savignon, Sandra J. (Oxford University Press, 1990)
      Here is a clear and authoritative discussion of the basic concerns which underlie the development and use of language tests, and an up-to-date synthesis of research on testing. Primarily for students on teacher education ...
    • Writing up research : experimental research report writing for students of English 

      Weissberg, Robert; Buker, Suzanne (Prentice Hall Regents, 1990)
    • Genre analysis : English in academic and research settings 

      Swales, John M. (Cambridge University Press, 1990)
      This book is a clear, authoritative guide to this complex area. He provides a survey of approaches to varieties of language, and considers these in relation to communication and task-based language learning. Swales outlines ...
    • Teaching English to children 

      Scott, Wendy A.; Ytreberg, Lisbeth H. (Longman, 1990)
    • Fundamental concepts of language teaching 

      H.Stern, H (Oxford University Press, 1990)
    • Thinking strategically : the competitive edge in business, politics, and everyday life 

      Dixit, Avinash K.; Nalebuff, Barry J. (Norton, 1991)
      Thinking Strategically is a crash course in outmaneuvering any rival. This entertaining guide builds on scores of case studies taken from business, sports, the movies, politics, and gambling. It outlines the basics of good ...