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    • A computational dynamic model of strategic behavior in the US retail banking market 

      Tao, Ran ([John Wiley & Sons, Ltd], 2015)
      This paper examines the dynamics of bank strategies and performance in retail deposit markets. I develop an infinite-horizon computational dynamic equilibrium duopoly model of value-maximizing banks. It is used to analyze ...
    • A concise companion to postwar American literature and culture 

      Hendin, Josephine G. (editor) (Blackwell Publishing Ltd, 2004)
    • A concise guide to market research : the process, data, and methods using IBM SPSS statistics 

      Sarstedt, Marko; Mooi, Erik (Springer, 2019)
      This accessible, practice-oriented and compact text provides a hands-on introduction to market research. Using the market research process as a framework, it explains how to collect and describe data and presents the most ...

      Nguyen, Huu Chanh (Trường Đại học Hoa Sen, 2022-03)
      With the development of modern society, more and more Vietnamese literary proses have been translated to transfer the Vietnamese literature into the wider world by utilizing the rhetorical devices to express the figurative ...
    • A course in English language teaching 

      Ur, Penny (Cambridge University Press, 2012)
      A completely revised and updated edition of A Course in Language Teaching. This book provides a comprehensive introduction to English language teaching, and is suitable for teachers in a variety of educational settings, ...
    • A course in language teaching : practice of theory 

      Ur, Penny (Cambridge University Press, 1991)
      This important course provides a comprehensive basic introduction to teaching languages, for use in pre-service or early experience settings. It can be used by groups of teachers working with a trainer, or as a self-study ...
    • A course in language teaching : trainee book 

      Ur, Penny (Cambridge University Press, 1999)
      This important new course provides a comprehensive basic introduction to teaching languages, for use in pre-service or early experience settings. It can be used by groups of teachers working with a trainer, or as a self-study ...
    • A critical introduction to sociology : modernity, colonialism, nation-building, and post-modernity 

      Mirfakhraie, Amir (Kendall Hunt Publishing Company, 2019)
      This book approaches sociology from a critical, transhistorical, and transnational perspective. It introduces sociology as public discourse to shed light on the multiple factors and forces that have shaped human societies ...
    • A critical review of the motivational factors for festival attendance based on meta-analysis 

      Maeng, Hae Yeong; Jang, Hyeong Yu; Michelle Li, Jinxi (Elservier, 2016)
      The primary purpose of this study was to trace the origin of major motivational factors for festival attendance used in previous studies. In addition, the study showed that these motivational factors are not suitable for ...
    • A financial stress index for a highly dollarized developing country: The case of Lebanon 

      Ishrakieh, Layal Mansour; Dagher, Leila; Hariri, Sadika El
    • A first course in statistics 

      McClave, James T.; Sincich, Terry (Pearson, 2018)
      This text offers a trusted, comprehensive introduction to statistics that emphasizes inference and integrates real data throughout. The authors stress the development of statistical thinking, the assessment of credibility, ...
    • A first look at communication theory 

      Griffin, Em; Ledbetter, Andrew; Sparks, Glenn (McGraw-Hill, 2019)
      The tenth edition of this book justifies again the program’s enduring popularity. Griffin, joined by colleagues Andrew Ledbetter and Glenn Sparks, encourages students who are encountering the field for the first time to ...
    • A flexible predictive density combination for large financial data sets in regular and crisis periods 

      Casarin, Roberto; Grassi, Stefano; Ravazzolo, Francesco; Dijk, Herman K. van (Elsevier, 2023)
    • A framework for marketing management 

      Kotler, Philip; Keller, Kevin Lane (Pearson, 2016)
      The 6th edition approaches the topic of marketing from a current standpoint, focusing its information and strategy on the realities of 21st century marketing. Individuals, groups, and companies alike can modernize their ...
    • A framework for marketing management 

      Kotler, Philip; Keller, Kevin Lane (Pearson, 2016)
      The book's efficient coverage of current marketing management practices makes for a short yet thorough text that provides the perfect supplement for incorporated simulations, projects, and cases. The 6th edition approaches ...
    • A guide to customer service skills for the service desk professional 

      Knapp, Donna (Cengage Learning, 2015)
      The definitive service desk text now available in a fully revised fourth edition, teaches technical professionals the skills and work habits needed to successfully interact with customers and achieve job satisfaction. Each ...
    • A guide to game theory 

      Carmichael, Fiona (Pearson, 2005)
      This book reflects this interdisciplinary potential to provide an introductory overview of the subject. Put off by a fear of maths? No need to be, as this book explains many of the important concepts and techniques without ...
    • A guide to international economics 

      Mohtadi, Shahruz (Business Expert Press, 2019)
      This book adopts a nontechnical approach to explaining the basis for trade between countries and the role of firms in global trade and describes the effect of tariffs and fluctuations in exchange rates on a company's sales, ...
    • A guide to selecting software measures and metrics 

      Jones, Capers (CRC Press, 2017)
      Going where no book on software measurement and metrics has previously gone, this critique thoroughly examines a number of bad measurement practices, hazardous metrics, and huge gaps and omissions in the software literature ...
    • A Guide to the project management body of knowledge 

      PMBOK® Guide (Project Management Institude, 2013)
      The Project Management Institute, Inc. (PMI) standards and guideline publications, of which the document contained herein is one, are developed through a voluntary consensus standards development process. This process brings ...