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    • R for marketing research and analytics 

      Chapman, Chris; Feit, Elea McDonnell (Springer, 2019)
      This book is a complete introduction to the power of R for marketing research practitioners. The text describes statistical models from a conceptual point of view with a minimal amount of mathematics, presuming only an ...
    • Radio production 

      McLeish, Robert (Elsevier Inc., 2005)
      This book is a complete working handbook that provides comprehensive information on every aspect of producing radio programmes to a professional standard. Aimed at students, technical issues are explained in simple terms.
    • Ratings analysis : the theory and practice of audience research 

      Webster, James G.; Phalen, Patricia F.; Lichty, Lawrence Wilson (Lawrence Erlbaum Associates, Inc., 2006)
    • Re-Engendering translation : transcultural practice, gender-sexuality and the politics of alterity 

      Larkosh, Christopher (editor) (Routledge, 2014)
      Of interest to scholars in translation studies, gender and sexuality, and comparative literary and cultural studies, this volume re-examines the possibilities for multiple intersections between translation studies and ...
    • Re-reading popular culture 

      Hermes, Joke (Blackwell Publishing, 2005)
      This book is an entertaining investigation of the meanings and value of popular culture today. It explores the theme of cultural citizenship by combining textual analysis and media reception theory to analyze popular culture.
    • React and React Native : a complete hands-on guide to modern web and mobile development with React.js 

      Boduch, Adam; Derks, Roy (Packt Publishing, 2020)
      Get up to speed with React, React Native, GraphQL and Apollo for building cross-platform native apps with the help of practical examples Key Features Covers the latest features of React such as Hooks, Suspense, NativeBase, ...
    • Reading explorer 1 

      Douglas, Nancy; Bohlke, David (National Geographic Learning, 2015)
    • Reading for IELTS 4.5-6.0 : with answer key 

      McCarter, Sam; Whitby, Norman (Macmillan Education, 2014)
      This book is full of exercises and examples to help develop key reading skills and build student confidence on how to approach the Reading tasks in the exam. This version includes the answer key.
    • Reading in a second language : moving from theory to practice 

      Grabe, William (Cambridge University Press, 2009)
      This volume, through a detailed treatment of the cognitive processes that support reading, explains how reading really works. It offers a thorough overview of important and current research, including first language research, ...
    • Ready for recovery: Hoteliers’ insights into the impact of COVID-19 on the Indian hotel industry 

      Nair, Girish K; Hameed, Shaheema; Prasad, Swati (The Authors, 2021)
      This research studies the hotel manager perspective of COVID-19 (the novel coronavirus) on the Indian hotel industry by qualitatively analysing inputs from the human resources department, general management and top ...
    • Ready, set, go! the start-up guide for opening, remodeling & running a successful beauty salon 

      Grissler, Jeff; Ryant, Eric (Ready Set Go Publishing, LLC, 2011)
      Finally! A book that helps salon owners to open, remodel, and run a successful business!! Put your dreams of owning or remodeling a salon on the success track and learn operational tactics that would otherwise take you ...
    • Real analysis 

      Royden, H.; Fitzpatrick, P. M. (China Machine Press, 2010)
    • Real estate development and investment : a comprehensive approach 

      Peca, Stephen P. (John Wiley & Sons, Inc., 2009)
      This book written by real estate industry veteran Stephen Peca, this timely guide skillfully outlines the various phases of the real estate development process and addresses some of the most important issues associated ...
    • Real estate finance and investments 

      Brueggeman, William B.; Fisher, Jeffrey D. (McGraw-Hill, 2018)
      The 16th edition of this book prepares students to understand the risks and rewards associated with investing in and financing both residential and commercial real estate. Concepts and techniques included in the chapters ...
    • Real estate finance and investments 

      Brueggeman, William B.; Fisher, Jeffrey D. (McGraw-Hill, 2022)
      This book prepares readers to understand the risks and rewards associated with financing and investing both residential and commercial real estate. Concepts and techniques included in the chapters and problem sets are used ...
    • Real estate market analysis : methods and case studies 

      Brett, Deborah L.; Schmitz, Adrienne (Urban Land Institute, 2009)
      Offering the tools needed to evaluate trends and understand key factors affecting the real estate market, this book explains how to get started, where to get information, and how to apply the basic techniques to a variety ...
    • Real estate market analysis : trends, methods, and information sources 

      Brett, Deborah L. (Urban Land Institute, 2019)
      Maximize opportunities and minimize risk with this practical guide for analyzing real estate markets. Whether you are a developer considering the suitability of a location, a lender evaluating financial feasibility, a ...
    • Real estate principles 

      Jacobus, Charles J. (Cengage Learning, 2010)
      For decades this popular principles book has laid a solid foundation for thousands of new real estate professionals like you starting a rewarding career in the real estate industry. Known for his clear presentation and ...
    • Real estate principles : a value approach 

      Ling, David C.; Archer, Wayne R. (McGraw-Hill, 2018)
      This book demonstrates how value is central to virtually all real estate decision-making. Students using Ling and Archer should finish the course with a value-oriented framework and a set of valuation and decision making ...
    • Real listening and speaking 1 : with answers 

      Craven, Miles (Cambridge University Press, 2008)