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    • Laboratory manual for principles of general chemistry 

      Beran, J. A. (Jo Allan) (Wiley, 2014)
      A lab manual for the General Chemistry course, Beran has been popular for the past nine editions because of its broad selection of experiments, clear layout, and design. Containing enough material for two or three terms, ...
    • Laboratory techniques in organic chemistry 

      Mohrig, Jerry R.; Alberg, David G.; Hofmeister, Gretchen E. (W. H. Freeman and Company, 2014)
      Laboratory Techniques in Organic Chemistry is the most comprehensive and detailed presentation of the lab techniques organic chemistry students need to know. Compatible with any organic chemistry lab manual or set of ...
    • Lake tourism : an integrated approach to lacustrine tourism systems 

      Hall, Colin Michael (editor); Härkönen, Tuija (editor) (Channel View Publications, 2006)
      Lakes are some of the world's most popular tourism attractions. This book presents comprehensive overviews of lake tourism, including branding and marketing, visitor management and planning, historical and cultural dimensions, ...
    • Lands transport : the practitioner's definitive guide 

      Chew, Daniel (Straits Times Press, 2013)
    • Language : its structure and use 

      Finegan, Edward (Cengage Learning, 2015)
      This best-selling introductory linguistics textbooks treats language as both a system (structure) and a social tool (use) - an approach that serves students in many disciplines, especially linguistics, English, speech ...
    • Language and the internet 

      Crystal, David (Cambridge University Press, 2006)
      In recent years, the Internet has come to dominate our lives. E-mail, instant messaging and chat are rapidly replacing conventional forms of correspondence, and the Web has become the first port of call for both information ...
    • Language assessment : principles and classroom practices 

      Brown, H. Douglas; Abeywickrama, Priyanvada (Pearson, 2019)
      This book offers a comprehensive survey of essential principles and tools for second language assessment. Its first and second editions have been successfully used in teacher-training courses, teacher certification curricula, ...
    • Language Awareness in language education 

      Nuna, David; Berry, Roger; Berry, Vivien (Department of Curriculum studies The University of HongKong, 1994)
    • Language center design and management in the post-language laboratory era 

      Kronenberg, Felix A. (2014)
      This article is based on a survey sent to the IALLT membership and to members of all regional groups. Divided into 3 sections titled “Personal,” “Profession/Organization” and “Language Center,” the survey aims to provide ...
    • Language centres : their roles functions and management 

      Ingram, D. E. (John Benjamins Publishing Company, 2001)
      This book describes five language centres, the Centre for Information on Language Teaching and Research (London), the European Centre for Modern Languages (Graz), the Regional Language Centre (Singapore), the National ...
    • Language Centres their roles, functions and management 

      D.E. Ingram (John Benjamins Publishing Company, 2001)
    • Language change and variation 

      Fasold, Ralph W.; Schiffrin, Deborah (John Benjamins Publishing Company, 1989)
      The study of language variation in social context continues to hold the attention of a large number of linguists. This research is promoted by the annual colloquia on New Ways of Analyzing Variation in English' (NWAVE). ...
    • Language Curriulum Design 

      Macalister, John (Routledge, 2010)
    • Language test construction and evaluation 

      Alderson, J. Charles; Clapham, Caroline; Wall, Dianne (Cambridge University Press, 1995)
      This book describes the process of language test construction clearly and comprehensively. Each chapter deals with one stage of the test construction process; from drafting initial test specifications, to reporting test ...
    • Language work in English 

      Sathyam, Vellala; Rao, Srilaxmi B. (Himalaya Publishing House, 2010)
    • Language, thought, and reality : selected writings of Benjamin Lee Whorf 

      Carroll, John B. (editor); Chase, Stuart (Foreword ) (The MIT Press, 1956)
    • Languages in contact : findings and problems 

      Weinreich, Uriel (Mouton Publishers, 1968)
    • Law : a very short introduction 

      Wacks, Raymond (Oxford University Press, 2008)
      Explaining the main concepts, terms, and processes of the legal system, it focuses on the Western tradition (the common law and the civil law), but also includes discussions of other legal systems, such as customary law ...
    • Law and economics 

      Cooter, Robert; Ulen, Thomas (Addison-Wesley, 2011)
    • Law for business 

      Ashcroft, John D.; Ashcroft, Janet E. (South-Western, Cengage Learning, 2011)
      Practical and accessible, this book provides a concise yet complete overview of all key topics in business law, allowing for maximum breadth of coverage for courses with tight time constraints. This popular and trusted ...