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    • C Primer Plus (5th Edition) 5th (fifth) Edition by Prata, Stephen published by Sams Publishing (2004) 

      Stephen, Prata (Sams Publishing, 2004)
      C++ Primer Plus is a carefully crafted, complete tutorial on one of the most significant and widely used programming languages today. An accessible and easy-to-use self-study guide, this book is appropriate for both serious ...
    • C# 7.1 and .NET core 2.0 – Modern cross-platform development 

      Price, Mark J. (Packt Publishing, 2017)
      This book is a practical guide to creating powerful cross-platform applications with C# 7.1 and .NET Core 2.0. It gives readers of any experience level a solid foundation in C# and .NET. The first part of the book runs you ...
    • C# programming : from problem analysis to program design 

      Doyle, Barbara (Cengage Learning, 2014)
      This insightful introductory book highlights the latest Visual Studio 2012 and C# 4.0 software with a unique, principles-based approach to give readers a deep understanding of programming. Respected author Barbara Doyle ...
    • C++ : the complete reference 

      Schildt, Herbert (McGraw-Hill, 2003)
    • C++ Primer plus 

      Prata, Stephen (Addison-Wesley, 2014)
      Author and educator Stephen Prata has created an introduction to C that is instructive, clear, and insightful. Fundamental programming concepts are explained along with details of the C language. Many short, practical ...
    • Calculation of stability constant of metal-thiosemicarbazone complexes using MLR, PCR and ANN 

      Pham, Van Tat; Nguyen, Minh Quang; Pham, Nu Ngoc Han (2019)
      Objectives: In this work, the stability constants log β11 of complexes between thiosemicarbazone and metal ions were predicted based on the modeling of Quantitative Structure and Property Relationship (QSPR). Methods: The ...
    • Calculus : a complete course 

      Adams, Robert A.; Essex, Christopher (Pearson, 2018)
    • Calculus : early transcendentals 

      Stewart, James (Cengage Learning, 2016)
    • Calculus : early transcendentals 

      Stewart, James (Cengage Learning, 2012)
      This seventh edition, Stewart conveys not only the utility of calculus to help you develop technical competence, but also gives you an appreciation for the intrinsic beauty of the subject. His patient examples and built-in ...
    • Calculus of variations 

      Gelfand, I. M.; Fomin, S. V. (Prentice Hall, 1963)
      This book's aim is to give a treatment of the elements of the calculus of variations in a form both easily understandable and sufficiently modern. Considerable attention is devoted to physical applications of variational ...
    • CALL research perspectives 

      Egbert, Joy L. (editor); Petrie, Gina Mikel (editor) (Lawrence Erlbaum Associates, Inc., 2005)
      This is not a how-to-do-research text. Written by top researchers in the field, it offers an open-ended view of what educators need to know and be able to do to answer questions that they have. It is intended to be easy ...
    • Cambridge English for the media 

      Ceramella, Nick; Lee, Elizabeth (Cambridge University Press, 2008)
    • Campbell biology 

      Reece, Jane B.; Urry, Lisa A.; Cain, Michael L.; Wasserman, Steven A.; Minorsky, Peter V.; Jackson, Robert B. (Pearson, 2014)
    • Campbell biology 

      Reece, Jane B.; Urry, Lisa A.; Cain, Michael L. (Pearson, 2017)
    • Can affordances be reasons? 

      Starzak, Tobias; Schlicht, Tobias (Taylor & Francis, 2023-10-23)
      We discuss whether affordances can be reasons, against the background of two interlocked considerations: (1) While the problematic degree of idealization in accounts of reasons that treat them as mental states speaks ...
    • Can HR adapt to the paradoxes of artificial intelligence? 

      Andy Charlwood; Nigel Guenole (John Wiley & Sons Ltd, 2020)
      Artificial intelligence (AI) is widely heralded as a new and revolutionary technology that will transform the world of work. While the impact of AI on human resource (HR) and people management is difficult to predict, ...
    • Can I bring my pet? The space for companion animals in hospitality and tourism 

      Tomassini, Lucia (The Authors, 2022)
      Companion animals play an important role in our lives as pets, as emotional support animals, as guide dogs, or through different forms of pet therapy. The sociological, emotional and physical space that companion animals ...
    • Can we read minds by imaging brains? 

      Rathkopf, Charles; Heinrichs, Jan Hendrik; Heinrichs, Bert (Taylor & Francis, 2022-02-23)
      Will brain imaging technology soon enable neuroscientists to read minds? We cannot answer this question without some understanding of the state of the art in neuroimaging. But neither can we answer this question ...
    • Can we talk about consent? : a book about freedom, choices, and agreement 

      Hancock, Justin (Frances Lincoln Children's Books, 2021)
      Can We Talk About Consent? breaks down the basics of how to give and get consent in every aspect of life for readers aged 14 years and older. It's a powerful word, but not everyone understands exactly what it means. This ...